Snowmobiling the Norway-Sweden Border

In this incredible photograph by haqbar on Reddit, we see a rider preparing to snowmobile across a section of the Norway-Sweden border. The 1,200 pixel tall image is reminiscent of the popular ‘wait for it‘ pic. The photo above was taken in February and the location is about an hour drive from Trysil, Norway.

As for the Norway-Sweden border, it is a 1,630 km long (1,010 miles) land border and the longest for either country. Most of the border follows the drainage divide in the Scandinavian Mountains. The northernmost border point is Treriksröset (Swedish) or Treriksrøysa (Norwegian), which is also a border to Finland [Source].

This forms what is known as a tripoint, where three countries meet. I even did a post on famous tripoints around the world back in May 🙂


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