Type: Video

Pendulum Waves

Fifteen uncoupled simple pendulums of monotonically increasing lengths dance together to produce visual traveling waves, standing waves, beating, and (seemingly) random motion. For more details seehttp://sciencedemonstrations.fas.harvard.edu/icb/icb.do?keyword=k16940&pa… The period of one complete cycle of the...

Endless loop – Zoomquilt II HD

The famous Zoomquilt II, in glorious, smooth-zooming HD. The fantastic artwork comes from various contributers onhttp://www.markus-neidel.de/zoomquilt2.html , the soundtrack is Call 911 by BigBonobo.

Massive Solar Flare

According to NASA this is an electromagnetic event. Sunspots, solar flares and solar storms are visible plasma wave “discharges.” In a fraction of a second the eruption shoots hundreds of thousand of miles! Not...