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Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2013: Winners unveiled (5 pictures)

The Red Bull Illume Image Quest sought out to find the best captured images of active sports and lifestyle in the world. Their submissions we’re some of the best photographs sport has ever seen. The final ceremony was in Hong Kong where judges were blown back at the sheer talent that they were presented with.

Climbing Antarctica’s unexplored mountains

A hostile realm battered by titanic winds, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, is one of the most challenging climbing environments on Earth. Four hard-core climbers describe what it takes to tackle the unexplored peaks at the bottom of the world.

High jump landings (24 pictures)

Given that landing surfaces had previously been sandpits or low piles of matting, high jumpers of earlier years had to land on their feet or at least land carefully to prevent injury. With the advent of deep foam matting high jumpers were able to be more adventurous in their landing styles and hence experiment with styles of jumping.