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Painful but funny gifs (14 pictures)

Men who survived these situations lose something of being a real man. Here are short and funny gifs, the sight of which would definitely make you feel pain (and great compassion for those poor guys).

Abandoned Olympic Venues Of Beijing Summer Olympics (11 pictures)

With the current debate in Brazil about how much hosting the Olympics helps the local economy despite the enormous construction costs, we thought we would look at how another country has utilized their Olympic structures. China hosted the summer games in Beijing in 2008. Surely they put all those fields and stadiums to good use, right?

Injecting Synthol Gone Wrong (47 pictures)

Synthol is a mouthwash, hair product and tonic. It is used for the treatment of muscular pain too but some people (including bodybuilders) use it to increase the apparent size of some muscles and others directly inject it in their muscles…
With repeated injections, a larger volume of oil builds up inside the muscle, expanding its size like a balloon filling up with air.


Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music, and is sometimes referred to as a game. It was developed in Brazil mainly by African descendants with native Brazilian influences, probably beginning in the 16th century.

Extreme Highlining

Highlining is an extreme sport in which adventurers walk across a rope from one cliff to another. Despite the fact that this is extreme, those daredevils are having a great time.