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Snow Moon for a Snowy Planet

Image Credit & Copyright: Göran StrandExplanation: The alarmingly tall inhabitants of this small, snowy planet cast long shadows in bright moonlight. Of course, the snowy planet is actually planet Earth and the wide-angle mosaic, shown as a little planet projection, was...

Coronal Rain on the Sun

Video Credit: Solar Dynamics Observatory, SVS, GSFC, NASA; Music: Thunderbolt by Lars LeonhardExplanation: Does it rain on the Sun? Yes, although what falls is not water but extremely hot plasma. An example occurred in mid-July 2012 after an eruption on the Sun that produced...

X-Ray telescopes & Electromagnetic spectrum

This chart depicts the electromagnetic spectrum, highlighting the X-ray portion. NASA’s NuSTAR and ESA’s XMM-Newton telescope complement each other by seeing different colors of X-ray light. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Toadstools Milky Way

Incredibly dark skies in Nebraska allowed David Kingham to capture this 180 degree view of the night sky with the stunning rock formations of Toadstools.