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Artist Katie Paterson reforges Meteorite

A large Campo del Cielo meteorite (a type of iron meteorite from northern Argentina) has been melted down and reforged in the same shape as a piece of artwork. The meteorite is currently in London, but will be launched into space in the future.

Large sunspots now crossing the Sun

leases a cloud of energetic particles into the Solar System. Were a very powerful cloud to impact the Earth’s magnetosphere, it could be dangerous to Earth-orbiting astronauts and satellites. Conversely, the impact of even a less energetic cloud might create picturesque aurora. Pictured above is the sunspot region as it appeared two days ago.

Why haven’t we been to Mars yet?

How come humans have gone to the Moon, but not to Mars? Jorge Vago (ESA) explains the factors that are currently preventing us from safely sending astronauts to the Red Planet, including funding and the dangers of such an expedition.

Big Brother to the Milky Way

This image from NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer shows NGC 6744, one of the galaxies most similar to our Milky Way in the local universe. This ultraviolet view highlights the vast extent of the fluffy spiral arms, and demonstrates that star formation can occur in the outer regions of galaxies.