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8 Amazing Things In Zero Gravity

People has a tendency to think of physics in terms of how it operates on Earth. But if you really want to see how physics works, you need zero gravity.

Zero-G environments are totally a part of our physical universe, and an overwhelmingly dominating part at that. So let’s see how things are working there.

A Pictorial History Of Mighty Space Trucks (7 pictures)

Cargo resupply ships are vital for space exploration. These days they bring food, experiments and equipment to astronauts on the International Space Station. And in recent years, it hasn’t just been government agencies sending these things up; SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft and (just this week) Orbital Sciences’ Cygnus spacecraft brought up cargo of their own to station in recent months.

Striking Earth’s Images from Space (18 pictures)

The European Space Agency (ESA) is Europe’s gateway to space. An international organisation with 20 Member States, the ESA in its current form was created in 1975. Since then they have shared amazing research and images for the world to learn from. With almost 12,000 high-resolution images available through their website, their extensive archive is a great online resource for research and inspiration.

Best Ever Astronaut ‘Selfies’ (14 pictures)

“Talk about a selfie!” wrote former astronaut Clay Anderson on Twitter yesterday (Oct. 1). He posted that comment along with a favorite photo from Expedition 15, when he was standing in restraints on the robotic Canadarm2. Off in the distance, he saw his shadow against the solar array panels of a Soyuz spacecraft.

That got us thinking — what are the best astronaut selfies? Below are some of our favourites (some intentional, some not) from over the years. Any that we have missed? Let us know in the comments!