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Autumn storms in England (18 pictures)

The highest waves and strong winds traditionally have come to the coast of England. In autumn, the huge waves attract hundreds of photographers and onlookers. See photos from this fascinating spectacle!

Art Transformed into Artificial Reefs (17 pictures)

Our coral reefs are dying, but forward-thinking eco-minded artists are helping nature by creating stunning life-sized sculptures . . . and then sinking them. While it may look like abandoned statues starting to decay, it is actually art being rebirthed into living, breathing reefs.

New Island Spewing Flammable Gas

A giant island appears suddenly following a huge earthquake in Pakistan. Pretty wild, right? And now, the thing is emitting toxic, flammable gas! What’s caused all this to happen? Annie Gaus explains.

When Sea Levels Attack!

Climate change is happening whether you like it (believe it) or not. The world is already 71% water–it doesn’t seem too outrageous to believe that melting ice might up the anty on that number majorly. Please, just watch Chasing Ice, it more than clearly shows the astonishing amount of ice that has been (and will be) falling into the sea everyday.