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Cost Obsessions From Around The World

Simply by entering “how much does a * cost in” followed by a country name, you are able to see what costs are most searched for each country. Some are funny but then there you look at Africa and see serious issues illustrated by such a simple query.

10 Biggest Armies in the World

Nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, and brutal training regimes. Today the whole world is in an arms race to be the most feared country on the planet…

500 Days Before Rio Olympics And Brazil Can’t Clean Water Sports Site

When Rio de Janeiro was bidding for the 2016 Olympics, the city promised to cleanup the notoriously polluted Guanabara Bay. Since the Bay will be the venue for sailing and windsurfing events, the cleanup is sort of important. But while International Olympic Committee officials insist the waterway will be cleaned in time for the 2016 games, just 500 days away, Rio’s mayor says otherwise.