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How the White House was won

It was a long and bitter race that lasted months and cost at least $2.5 billion. This episode of Fault Lines takes viewers through a tour of the US 2012 presidential campaign, from the high and low moments, to the Spin Room, to the noisy campaign ads that blanketed swing states. We ask whether voters were presented with a real choice between the candidates, and whether the system truly is democratic.

CIA admits staging Iran coup in 1953

60 years to the day after Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadeq was ousted in a coup d’etat, the CIA has finally admitted that it organised the action alongside the British Secret Intelligence Service.The US and UK conspired to have the democratically elected Mossadeq replaced with General Fazlollah Zahedi in order to strengthen the position of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The Shah went on to repress political opposition and used his US-trained secret police service, SAVAK, to brutally crackdown on suspected dissidents.

50 insane facts about Canada

From secret underground labs to UFO landing pads, Canada can be a weird, wild and wonderful place. It has amazing scenery and has the world’s largest population of polar bears. Our infographic has more crazy facts about this wacky country.