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5 Animals That Aren’t Dinosaurs

If you get most of your information about ancient animals from vintage cartoons or action figures, then a lot of things that you think of as “dinosaurs” actually weren’t.

Breathtaking Photos From The ISS

The International Space Station is a truly remarkable achievement. It looks pretty cool all on its own but you won’t believe how amazing Earth and outer space look from up there.

Incredible Locations

Photos below will take your mind far away from where you are right now. They will maybe even inspire you not to buy ‘all-inclusive’ trip to yet another crowdy and touristic destination…?

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Some reports about the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” would lead you to believe that this marine mass of plastic is bigger than Texas. No worries, it’s not. However, the ‘patch’ extends over an indeterminate area, with...