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Landscapes by Leo Caillard (15 pictures)

A series about the action of humans in diverse types of environments. Deserts and metropolises, the North to South, a contemplative view of the world, with no specific location globally.. A panoramic story of earth and man.

Colorizing history (40 pictures)

When looking back at history we only have a view of how things were in black and white, until now. In the age of graphic design many savvy photoshoppers are now going through the archives of history and colorizing photos to give us an idea of what things really looked like.

Inferior mirage of a ship

The surfer in the foreground is either unaware of the interesting mirage in the distance or doesn’t realize it’s a mirage and is waiting for this “huge” ship’s wake-wave. This photo was taken in the Pacific Ocean near San Francisco on January 13, 2013 – a very cold winter’s day for coastal California. Cold, calm and clear weather conditions along a shore are great for detecting inferior mirages.