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Stars in the 70s (24 pictures)

The decade of the 1970s in film involved many significant films. But the time passes quickly. See how the stars of the screen appeared in the seventies, which is already more than 40 years ago!

Shocking Images from War in Syria that Won The 2013 Pulitzer Prize (18 pictures)

Syria is all over the news of late but all we’re really seeing is politicians and talking heads debating whether or not we should be going to war. What we’re not seeing enough of is the violence and despair that is actually taking place on the ground. It is difficult to comprehend the magnitude of the situation but these 20 images from the Associated Press recently won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography. Over 100,000 have been killed and two million have been displaced in the last 30 months and these images help to put it all into perspective.