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Photo Manipulations : by Dariusz Klimczak

He prefers square frames and black and white pictures but doesn’t shun colours. In his photomanipulative works he seeks mood, joke and universal symbols,  which can  strike, make  the viewer contemplate  or laugh. Dariusz Klimczak photography is an ideal combination of surreal and real.

Adoption In The Animal World

It’s actually a quite common behavior among domestic animals, as they instinctively feel like ‘everyone is a a part of a herd’. But is it just instinct or is there some empathy involved as well?

Home Remedies For Everyday Problems

Stuff happens, is that the saying? Anyway, we have few radical solutions that will make your life easier, wheter it’s a headache, pimple or a burn. Let’s not underestimate the power of home remedies !

Figure Skaters And Their Faces!

We really don’t mean to make fun of anybody. We also feel a little sorry as they don’t have a comfort of ‘untagging’ themselves the very second their photos go viral.