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All That Is Inspiring: For Your Viewing Pleasure Only

Art takes so many forms it’s hard to distinguish what’s what. Just to make it easier and not waste any more time, let’s agree that art is everything, everywhere and in everyone. These photos are random and different from one another, and they surely prove this point.

Playing With Perspective

When someone decides to intentionally play with our vision we always get a little confused and start to look at things in a way we’ve never looked at them before. Pictures below are examples of such mind games.

How To Get Rid Off Unwanted Tattoo?

It’s a quite common problem: embarrasing doodles cover your body because you were young and too stupid to even sober up before having it done. So how should you deal with it? Just get another one!

Weird And Awkward Situations

Compilation of weird situations that will just make you ask ‘Wait… What?’. Yeah, we have no idea either. Let’s just enjoy the absurd, shall we?

Great Street Art: by Fra Biancoshock

This is a type of street art you might not notice at first. But when you look closer it’s subtle and suprising at the same time; changing surroundings and making viewers participate in a...