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Crazy Oldschool Hairdos

Crazy seventies and rocking eighties weren’t the best times for fashion and style. Here we have some examples of hairdos that would probably knock dead everyone today (not in a good sense).

Russia Is Not A Country, It’s A State Of Mind

Well, of course it’s a country. Pretty strong and really invasive, taking into consideration the latest news. With crushing statistics of 90-something percent of Crimean population voting pro-Russia, there has to be something about...

Sculpting Taken To Another Level: Maskull Lasserre

Amazing and terrifying at the same time, Lasserre’s art is detail oriented and surprising. This canadian artist can change any everyday use appliance into piece of art. Skulls, bones and skeletones are main topic of his work. However, he does it in such a way it isn’t even close to repulsing.

Children of Ban Namkoy

Despite what seems for us like inconveniences, children from Ban Namkoy have it all. They are free to run and play, swim in the river and climb trees. They eat what they find and do what they want, don’t worry about school or extracurriculum activities. Their minds aren’t manipulated by ads and TV so they know that nice weather and fresh air is everything they need to be truly happy.