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MMA Is Dangerous

Whether you like to watch it or hate such performances, you must to agree they deserve respect for doing it. The aftermath looks terrible!

How They Deal With Gangs in El Salvador

Imagine there are two gangs in your country and they fight each other notoriously, damaging streets and hurting innocent people. The only way to deal with them is to lock them up, right? That’s what they did in Salvador. Unfortunately, they went too far.

Russia Before Revolution

How did Russian life looked like before socialists came to power? We have some little-known facts that will probably change your perspective.

3D Gifs

Our perception can be simply altered by many factors. Optical illusions are fun and some of them can make your head spin. In this case, two white lines are all it takes to trick...

Life As It Is

Those powerful photos were taken at painful, bold and unforgettable moments. True life and true tragedies always go hand by hand.

Torturous Footbinding In China

Tiny, ‘lotus flower’ feet were a symbol of status, beauty and submission to men. Little girls had her feet broken and bandaged over and over, until they reached a desired shape and size. In this long and painful process skin would roughen and decay as they were kept away from air or bath.