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Creepy Tattoos

Tattoos are usually decoration, in most cases also representation of certain emotions, traits or memories. You get your ink done in a visible place because you want people to see whatever you have to express.

Amazing Life

This collection of photos will make you smile and cry at same time. Duality of emotions we experience everyday is what makes us human.

Amazing Double Exposures

Those photos has been accidentaly overexposed while developing. They have an unwordly and ‘spirited’ feeling that can’t be achieved with digital cameras. Even though pictures below are probably accidents, playing with exposition used to...

Hilarious Coincidences

We know how crazy the world can be. Random events sometimes have more impact on us than those that we’ve planned. Basically, coincidences run our life. Thank God not all of them are life-changing!...

Yummy Gifs: Hungry?

Guilty pleasures are the best part of life. Food is definitely one of them, especially when world around you screams ‘be skinny!’. Today it’s just whatever. Get your favourite cookies, bake something or make...

National Geographic On Instagram

National Geographic has it’s own official profile there and it’s just amazing. Here are just some of their best pictures, but we strongly encourage you to check out the rest and follow them. Beautiful!