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Perfectly Timed Photos Snapped By Chinese Street Photographer

Chinese street photographer Tao Liu is quickly making a name for himself. He spends his days as a meter reader taking photographs in his free time. He used to find that everyday was boring, repetitive and mundane, but carrying his camera around with him allows him to break the day up, even if it’s for a split second just to capture a candid perfectly timed photograph.

Pure Evil Jokes

People can be cruel at times. A prank or a simple comment can hurt a person within but this list will make us laugh and utter a prayer that we won’t be victims of these.

Hilarious Drunk People At Their Finest

Each of you probably know that feeling when you drink a little to much of an alcohol. Most often it leads to ridiculous situations which we later regret greatly. Let’s take a closer look on such incidents. To make things more interesting, let’s add automatic doors, escalators and darts.