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25 Longest Standing Military Conflicts That Are Still Going On

Military conflicts and wars cause a certain level of unrest in countries. It’s a depressing fact that these conflicts do not only exist between and among countries fighting for power or settling disputes, but also among citizens who struggle to resolve their differences. Because of this, it is not only the economic or political stability of a country that is thrown off but also the culture and safety of its sometimes-oblivious civilians. Here are the 25 longest standing military conflicts that are still going on.

From Beach Resort Paradise to Rotting Ruins: Crumbling Mediterranean Ghost Town (14 pictures)

Imagine yourself on an island in the Mediterranean with beautiful white sand beaches, warm weather, fantastic places to shop, fine dining, and modern luxurious hotels that are frequented by the vacationing rich and famous. Then boom, the island is invaded and you must flee for your life from that slice of paradise. From tourist hotspot to ghost town, it’s a No Man’s Land with ruins that are rotting away.

The Mexican army’s Museum of Drugs (27 pictures)

The Mexican army’s Museum of Drugs, which isn’t open to the public, is designed, according to Capt. Claudio Montane, to educate military personnel about the historical roots and modern-day methods of the drug trade the army has been called upon to fight. But after spending a couple of hours there, it’s strikingly clear that the fight is very far from over. Deborah Bonello for the Los Angeles Times.