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Pi is Beautiful

Math and art may appear, superficially, like two disparate fields, but they’ve been in conversation for millennia. One recent example of the synergistic possibilities between the two comes from Canadian scientists Christian Ilies Vasile and Martin Kryzwinski. The pair have utilized the data visualization software Circos to create beautiful and colorful visual representations of mathematical constants π (pi), φ (phi), and eusing transition probabilities and color-coded digits on Archimedean spirals.

History’s 10 Most Legendary Uncracked Codes

From five lines of letters scrawled on the back of a dead man’s book to the taunting codes sent to police by the Zodiac Killer, some of history’s most legendary uncracked codes and ciphers represent a fascinating and frustrating challenge even for the world’s brightest cryptographers.

How Predictable Are You?

A simple experiment by Richard Wiseman. Play through his maze and he’ll predict which tile you’ll end up on. Wiseman is a psychologist, but the secret also lies with good ol’ math.