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Stupid people on the Internet (35 pictures)

There is so many pictures and memes showing infinite stupidity. Some of People that are doing stupid things on the internet feel free because nobody know at first look who they are. There are lot of people in the world who think they are just funny if they make fun of something. And some of them are just stupid.

Where do deleted files go?

So-called deleted files are really not deleted. The pointer to the file’s blocks on the hard drive is added to the free-space list in the file directory, and this space, ”may”, eventually, be re-used for new files. Note the “eventually” part: forensic tools can easily recover deleted files with little or no damage. And you thought they were really gone. Nope.

Can video games become the next great spectator sport?

As our South Korean friends can confirm, video games can most definitely be a spectator sport. But will they ever catch on in a huge way in the good ol’ U.S. of A? Well, pro leagues already exist, but to know if they’ll ever reach the levels of March Madness and Superbowl Sunday, we need to take a closer look at traditional sports spectatorship to figure out the REAL reason we watch. It’s more than just winning and losing: there are characters, rivalries, histories, and a host of other background information that coalesce into an AMAZING story, and we’re dying to know the ending. Could eSports ever achieve this level of storytelling?

How Google makes its money

For a company that for the longest time was touted to “not have a product,” Google is doing plenty well, and is poised to bring us all into the new age of connectivity

Tomorrow’s World, the next 100+ years on Earth

No one actually knows what the future holds, but thinkers, scientists and pundits have grown pretty good at predicting technological advancements, natural changes to the earth, and political nuances. Some of these projections are well within our grasp as a people and some more far fetched. This infographic is a chronological timeline of most and least likely occurrences in our planets future.