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Cars From The Great Soviet Union

Throughout the 20th century, especially during the cold war period, the political and economical strength of a country was symbolised by their ability to make cars. Soviet Union also tried their luck in this race.

Nootropics: Smart Drugs

Drugging your brains out just to have fun is now passe. World is expecting more and more from us, so why not switching to something less narcotic and way more productive? I’ll tell you why. Either you drug yourself to go crazy or to kick butts at your office or school, it’s dumb anyway. Still, nootropics are a fascinating new craze, so let’s find out more about them.

How To Write An Outstanding Resume

It turns out, it’s not so hard nor time consuming. The key point is to be matter-of-fact and straightforward. Concentrate on your unique skills and traits. You are the only one for this job and they’re looking just for you! Remember that:)