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The Making of the Real Swiss Cheese (21 pictures)

Heating, stirring, pressing, turning, bathing – and waiting. Cheesemaking is a very delicate art; every stage of the process counts for the final taste, from the kind of grass eaten by the cows which give the milk, to the way it is stored – and indeed, the way it is served up to be eaten.

This is how it goes.

United States Hangover Statistics

Looking at these statistics makes me feel much better about my own alcohol consumption. I always thought of myself as a real mess with my constant drinking and incessant hangovers who most of society looked down upon, but it turns out that most of you folks are drunks too! How about we grab a drink to celebrate this revelation?

Everything you need to know about headeaches

The throbbing pain inside of our skull we are all too familiar with can really ruin a day, and even make a person take time off from work.

Today’s infographic lays out so much information, including types of headaches, and their treatments. Check out today’s post to learn more about the types of headaches you’ve experienced, and how to treat them!