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Can Stress Actually Kill You?

To some people, stress describes the frantic pace of everyday life. To others, stress is what you feel during times of conflict, loss or illness. People also react differently to stress. Some take it in stride and seem to thrive on it, while others buckle under relatively mild pressure.

But what are main effects of stress on the mental and physical level of the body? Can Stress Actually Kill You?

The Grossest Things You’re Eating Right Now

Nowadays, we can practically forget about natural food. Even the seemingly delicious and healthy foods such as ice cream contain strange ingredients. While some of them are disgusting but it do not affect our health, others are highly processed and extremely harmful.

PS. You do NOT want to know what’s in that ice cream.

How Pain Works

Pain is.. a pain. Too much of it, and it can really make life hard. But imagine none of it. That can be bad too, as you’d never know if you’re hurt.

That’s the reality for a select few who carry a rare genetic mutation. Trace from D News explains how our body’s pain system works, and how these people could help those suffering from chronic pain in the future.