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Chinese Pollution Problem (8 pictures)

Imagine a place where the word “sky” doesn’t conjure the color blue but an ashy grey. No, such a place isn’t in another planet or the set of a dystopian sci-fi film. That place is present-day China, a country now living and breathing the harsh effects of dogged industrialization.

How to Die Young (25 pictures)

We all know lots of tips about staying healthy and get advice from every TV chat show and billboard. But check out these weird facts if you want to (or want not to ) die young!

Can You Really Be Scared to Death?

Can you literally “die of fright?” Turns out, you can! Let’s explore the mechanisms in your body that activate when you get scared, and how they can sometimes get out of hand.

Health Benefits of Different Types of Teas

Whether it’s green, black, white, or oolong , a steamy cup o’ tea should be in your hands at all times. From chamomile to rooibos, the endless entourage of healthy and heartwarming teas can make you a superhuman. Literally. Check this infographic out.

Young Koreans Before and After Extreme Plastic Surgery (50 pictures)

The modern Korean woman is said to have exchanged maternal and domestic femininity for a slim, well-toned body and beautiful face. And for many Korean women, cosmetic surgery is not only a symbolic practice of coming of age and care for the self but it serves to provide significant gains in education, marriage and career.