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29 Misconceptions About Alcohol

A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week Hannah Hart from the hilarious and fantastic “My Drunk Kitchen” looks at some of the common misconceptions related to alcohol consumption.

World’s First Marijuana Overdose?

A few days ago, a woman died from a heart attack apparently triggered by a marijuana overdose. However, a lot of doctors are saying that’s it’s not possible to die from smoking weed in such small quantities.

What If All-Natural Food Had Labels?

Do you check labels before buying your packaged food? Majority of us probably just glances at calorie table and doesn’t bother to read what’s written in fine print. Ad even if we do, how much of it do we really understand? Exactly. And that’s fine, assuming that no one wants to poison us.

Pill Nation: Are Americans Over-Medicated?

American is a nation of pill poppers. Nearly 13 prescriptions were prescribed per man, woman, and child last year. We’re one of only two
countries in the world who allow direct-to-consumer Rx advertising; and Rx have slowly grown to be the third highest medical cost. Welcome
to the pill nation.