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How The Sun Sees You

Using an ultraviolet camera, people on the street were shown how the sun sees them. Under UV light your skin may look more different than you think.

Science Alert: Are You Sitting Too Much?

We all know we spend way too much time sitting down – but what is it really doing to our bodies? You probably don’t want to watch this video sitting down. In fact, you probably won’t want to sit down at all after you’ve seen it.

Man Travelss From Yorkshire To Australia To Meet Someone With His Disorder In Hope To Inspire Him To Live Happy Life

Jono Lancaster has been living with Treacher Collins’ syndrome but he’s managed to live a very full and happy life. He refuses to be limited by his condition and want to inspire people with similar disorder. He flew from Yorkshire to Australia so that he could meet a child with Treacher Collins syndrome in hopes that he could inspire that kid and his family to live a happy life.

Here’s The Dark Side of Weight Loss

“Metamorphosis” is not magic, and you often have to incur additional costs, which are not told. Keep in mind that winning the fight against obesity changes in the fight against what remains after it.