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Slot Machines – Then and Now

Slot machines are always fun to play on however are we really aware of the roots of this exciting game? Back in the days that is in the 20th century, the term slot machines was firstly used for all automatic vending machines. It was only in 1985 that the first ever slot machine was designed, known as Liberty Bell, a mechanical machine with 3 spinning reels. The land-based game was quite standard thus the introduction of symbols; diamond, spade and hearts. The creator behind this slot machine was Charles Fey.


Why We Should All Be Gaming

Good news for gamers: Your parents were wrong about video games. The general consensus now is that they are good for you. You’ve probably heard this already; it was covered on this site years ago....

Worst ever bet?

There are bets that go south and some – like the famous Archie Karas, who burned through $40 million in the space of three short Las Vegas weeks in 1995 – that make it all the way to the South Pole. But for our money the worst bet ever was one that won.