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Honey gatherers of Nepal (14 pictures)

Twice a year, for almost 12,000 years, old men from the tribe Gurung in central Nepal overcome the Himalayan foothills to gather honey from the world’s largest honey bees.

Experience and knowledge of honey production from hives that are placed on dangerous slopes, is handed down from father to son for thousands of years. In 1987, 63-year-old Mani Lal was the last man who had these invaluable knowledge.

Disgusting Food Reactions in Slow Motion

The Earth Unplugged crew join forces with the boys from SORTED Food to investigate the science of reactions to flavours and spices. Are you in control of the faces you pull? Is a scotch bonnet really hot? And which flavour or sensation will give the most violent reaction?

9 Crazy Foods

Here are nine very interesting foods. Something special for those who like to try strange flavors.