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USA’s Opening Ceremony sweaters are Ameritastic (6 pictures)

The U.S. Winter Olympic opening ceremony uniforms have been unveiled and they’re a wonderful conglomerate of an ugly Christmas sweater and an ironic ‘Murica 4th of July shirt, with what looks like a pair of good ol’ fashioned American sweatpants. Let’s not forget the turtleneck underneath.

World’s oldest hipsters (11 pictures)

The fashion world is generally maintain with young people, but this is not true. Here are the main characters of a documentary film “Fabulous Fashionistas”, shot by British broadcaster Channel 4. The film tells the story of six retired fashion that look stylish, regardless of age.

What do you think? Are these ladies look funny to you? Should the clothing be appropriate to the age of the person who wears them? Do just the opposite – you support self-expression through outfit by people of all ages?