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50 amazing facts about Rainforests

The facts included in this infographic are simply incredible and remind us just what a wonder Earth’s rainforests are. It’s worth looking through the entire graphic to find all the wonderful bits of info included.

NASA Brings WiFi To Space

Need fast internet? Go to space! That’s right– Nasa is about to launch super fast, laser-powered wifi off planet. Trace explains what the speedy connection will be used for.

3 Big Discoveries Made by the International Space Station

We all know it’s awesome, and we could watch Chris Hadfield sing all day, but do you know about the awesome science that’s being done on the International Space Station? Hank explains three big discoveries made on the ISS that you should know about.

How do satellites track climate change?

The world of weather watching is ruled by an armada of satellites that constantly track our weather as it fluctuates day-to-day, but determining patterns over time can help us differentiate exactly when ‘weather’ becomes ‘climate’.

The Great Tree of Life

Trace any branch back through time to see how it connects to any other of life’s major branches. Use the curved time scale to find when their common ancestor lived. Five mass extinctions are marked by an abrupt decrease in life’s diversity, followed by renewed diversity.