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Corona creates 365 reasons to have a Beer – one for each day of the year (22 pictures)

TBWASingapore devised this brilliant ‘Let The World Wait’ campaign to have a Corona every day by giving you a reason to celebrate every day of the year. The beer coasters feature silly, obscure holidays, such as ‘Chuck Norris’ Birthday’, ‘Summit of Mt Everest Reached, 1959′ and ‘Paper Airplane Day’ to name a few (3/365 to be exact). The marketing message for this fun loving campaign encourages the consumer to “Treat Yo’ Self” to a refreshing cold one every day of the year, which isn’t a new concept, but is effective through humor and clever graphics.

10 worst product flops

Hilarious, worrying and truly puzzling, these items should never have reached the shops, read more to find out about 10 worst product flops.