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Stunning Animated Photos (34 pictures)

These photos are beautiful twist from GIF artworks with the use of high quality photos from modern photography. This technique is called Cinemagraph, and it’s pioneers of which were Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. Dozens of photographers have found this technique interesting.

For your enjoyment and inspiration we’ve collect some realistic and thought-provoking cinemagraphs. Be prepared to get impressed!

The greatest tattoo artists from around the world (13 pictures)

Once reserved for sailors and Maui tribes, tattoos are more popular than ever in Western culture. These days, it’s more common to have a tattoo than not.
If you had unlimited funds, time, and travel budget, who would be the artist to put a permanent stamp on your skin? Check this list of the greatest tattoo artists from around the world.

Vintage Anti-Communist Ads and Propaganda Posters (15 pictures)

Look out – communists are infiltrating the country with nefarious plans to sterilize our men, steal our women and convert children! Dramatic and overwrought, anti-communist ads and propaganda from the Cold War era attempted to inspire loyalty to democracy and fear of the atomic bomb-wielding enemy.