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3 Minute Minimalist Portraits From Face-O-Mat (15 pictures)

Swiss artist Tobias Gutmann constructed his portrait “machine”, Face-O-Mat, and traveled the world drawing minimalist portraits of people in a matter of minutes. The Face-O-Mat is just an MDF facade that Gutmann sits behind and looks through a window at his subject. His project proves that despite all the benefits technological advances afford us, there is no substitute for one-on-one interaction with another human being.

Amazing Film Shows How The Mac Pro Is Made

The Mac Pro is a computer unlike any we have ever created. To build it, we pioneered new processes, innovated manufacturing techniques, and essentially rethought how to make a computer. This is the story of how it all comes together.

Weird Beauty by Alexander Khokhlov (6 pictures)

A Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov decided to disregard a traditional perception of make-up. In his Weird Beauty photo series, made together with a Russian make-up artist Valeryia Kutsan, Alexander uses women’s face as canvas creating sharp black and white patterns.