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Signs and information boards that are stupid and funny at the same time (99 pictures)

You’ve seen them driving down the road. Good ones, bad ones, and the ones they should have thought through a little more. Some look “official” while others look handmade or somewhere in-between. Once again, we’re presenting you a random collection of amusing, creative, entertaining, funny, peculiar, silly, strange, stupid, unusual and weird signs, billboards and information boards.

25 bone chilling abandoned places

Whether due to war, drought, or just the passing of time everything has an expiration date and is eventually forgotten or abandoned. While some places fall into disrepair and are bulldozed, others remain standing through the centuries, or what’s left of them at least. Slowly then, over the years, they become a thing of legend surrounded by mystery. Stories are told of the blood that was spilled on their soil, the prisoners that were tortured, and the plagues that took thousands of lives. From battlefields to prisons, here are 25 bone chilling abandoned places.

Ancient wonders captured in 3D

Ancient monuments give us clues to astonishing past civilizations — but they’re under threat from pollution, war, neglect. Ben Kacyra, who invented a groundbreaking 3D scanning system, is using his invention to scan and preserve the world’s heritage in archival detail.