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Abandoned Olympic Venues Of Beijing Summer Olympics (11 pictures)

With the current debate in Brazil about how much hosting the Olympics helps the local economy despite the enormous construction costs, we thought we would look at how another country has utilized their Olympic structures. China hosted the summer games in Beijing in 2008. Surely they put all those fields and stadiums to good use, right?

Stunning Aerial View of America (15 pictures)

America is a land of scenic coastlines, spectacular views, modern cities and the home of historic events and people. This picturesque collection of photos offers a stunning bird’s eye view of some of the most beautiful places in th United States.

Gaiola Island is Doomed (8 pictures)

Gaiola Island is one of the minor islands of Naples, Italy; it is offshore of Posillipo. Naples’s population has considered Gaiola a “cursed island”, which with its beauty hides a “restless fate”. The reputation came about because of the frequent premature death of its owners.

Photos of ‘Phantom’ Shanghai by Greg Girard (23 pictures)

Phantom Shanghai is a portrait of Shanghai as the city transformed itself in the first years of the 21st Century. Preserved by a kind of benign neglect in the decades following Mao’s victory in 1949, Shanghai was directed to “catch up” in the 1990s. Phantom Shanghai is the record of the unique moment when the early 20th Century city was being demolished while the new Shanghai was being built in its rubble.