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25 most legendary creatures from Greek Mythology

Known for some extremely out of this world mythology, the Greek legends have been the subject of popular culture for thousands of years. The most famous characters in these myths are the gods and goddesses who would employ the use of heroes to do their bidding. In order for these heroes to earn their status they would have to face creatures like these 25 most legendary creatures from Greek mythology.

How might 21th Century look like (42 pictures)

Watching popular science programs we can sometimes hear the opinions of experts providing how we will live for 50, 100 or 200 years. See how today’s life was imagined 50-60 years ago? Here is an overview of the magazines of the ’50s and ’60s.

How does writing affect your brain?

Most of us write a little something everyday. It might be a grocery list, a poem, or a write-up on the infographic of the day. As we go through this daily ritual, however, we are probably not aware of the effects writing has on our brains.