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Hidden 19th century fore-edge paintings (8 pictures)

While most of us know that some of the greatest treasures can be found in books, turns out that sometimes they also appear on the fore-edges of the pages. These secret fore-edge paintings have been found inside 19th century books at the University of Iowa.

The cost of being a Superhero: Then and Now (5 pictures)

It’s not cheap being a superhero these days, what with the burden of keeping a secret identity, dry cleaining the costume and in some cases, living a certain lifestyle to secure their secrecy. Mashable and Samsung teamed up to show the cost of living to be a superhero these days and the cost back in the day at the release of their first comic.

The Anti-Slavery Alphabet (15 pictures)

In 1846 a pair of Quaker sisters, Hannah and Mary Townsend, came up with an idea. They were abolitionists and actively campaigned against domestic slavery in the United States. They started educating young citizens and produced for this purpose a new way for the 26 letters to be taught by rote – the Anti-Slavery Alphabet.