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The most expensive home in the U.S (14 pictures)

Copper Beech Farm, named for the large copper beech trees populating the property, occupies 50 acres on Long Island Sound, including two offshore islands, a private beach and a 13, 500-square foot Victorian mansion. Other features include a grass tennis court, many gardens, apple orchard, greenhouses, 75-foot-long heated pool, and a carriage house.

The cheapest hotel in NYC (9 pictures)

Chinatown’s Sun Bright Hotel is the cheapest hotel in New York and probably the worst one. For just $10 a night you get a place to sleep with cockroaches and vermin. More than 100 disadvantaged men live side by side in ‘human kennels’ separated by chicken wire on two floors.

Best projects from ‘Building of the Year’ (9 pictures)

Over 300 projects from 50 countries will be in contention for ‘Building Of The Year’ at the World Architecture Festival, the largest annual festival and awards ceremony for architecture. Over 1600 architects from over 60 countries will attend the event. With 29 categories in all, still only 1 structure can win the prestigious award. Business Insider has the scoop with some of their favorite buildings in the running.