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Science Experiments With A Superheated Ball Of Nickel (4 videos)

As we learned from watching Breaking Bad these past years, science that causes destruction is really, really, really awesome. But just because the finale was last night doesn’t mean we have to suddenly suffer a dearth of mad science in our everyday lives. Who hasn’t glanced up at their personal periodic table, hanging next to the Einstein with his tongue out poster, and upon seeing number 28, good old nickel, thought “man, I wonder what I could mess up with a superheated ball of that stuff?” Well wonder no more, and witness the supreme might of nickel versus common household items. Except the Wasabi Vodka. Hopefully that’s not common.

Where Humans Feel Certain Emotions

A group of bio-medical engineers from Aalto University researched 700 volunteers from Finland, Sweden and Taiwan in order to map human bodily sensations connected with certain emotions.

The True Story of Nikola Tesla

In this video watch and learn all about Nikola Tesla without the common myths. You’ll see that the story of Tesla was a rollercoaster. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: 50 popular myths you probably still...

Gypsy life (26 pictures)

Life of gypsies as seen by the German photographer Joakim Eskildsen who spent several years living with gypsies in the different countries of Europe and in India.