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Volcano and Aurora in Iceland

Sometimes both heaven and Earth erupt. In Iceland in 1991, the volcano Hekla erupted at the same time that auroras were visible overhead. Hekla, one of the most famous volcanoes in the world, has erupted at least 20 times over the past millennium, sometimes causing great destruction.

What Happened to Mars? A Planetary Mystery

Mars was once on track to become a thriving Earth-like planet, yet today it is an apparently lifeless wasteland. A NASA spacecraft named MAVEN will soon journey to Mars to find out what went wrong on the Red Planet.

From DNA to Silly Putty, the diverse world of polymers

You are made of polymers, and so are trees and telephones and toys. A polymer is a long chain of identical molecules (or monomers) with a range of useful properties, like toughness or stretchiness — and it turns out, we just can’t live without them. Polymers occur both naturally — our DNA is a polymer — and synthetically, like plastic, Silly Putty and styrofoam. Jan Mattingly explains how polymers have changed our world.

25 famous numbers and why they are important

Ever since the development of arithmetic people have been fascinated with numbers. Some view them for their esoteric meaning while others see them through a mathematical eyes. Either way, numbers are everywhere and there is no way of escaping them. Some numbers, however, are found more often in our universe than others. These special numbers typically have some unique property that influenced us to add it to our list of 25 famous numbers and why they are important.