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How radiation in Space threatens exploration

So, apparently there’s a lot of radiation in space. Perhaps it’s Galactic Cosmic Rays, or perhaps it’s because of all of the crazy star matter that our sun is throwing at us. Either way, it seems like it’s significant enough to do some damage to the poor DNA in long-term space goers. Luckily for us Earthlings, our magnetic field keeps us safe from this endless radiation threatening to turn us into mutants (maybe it would be cool if we were mutants though…).

Camping under the Stars (20 pictures)

With the arrival of summer, the great outdoors is calling, “Come play in me.” Millions of people enjoy hiking, backpacking, trekking and then camping under the stars. Here are some positive quotes and tremendous night sky views to inspire you to get out there; have an adventure, and go camping!

Beautiful photos of loving mother and baby animal (25 pictures)

Moms are often overworked, under-appreciated, and at some point . . . finds herself saying things that her mother used to say. This seems to pass down from generation to generation, but despite the silly things that stressed out moms say, there is no one on Earth who will ever love you as unconditionally as your mother does. The number one thing all mothers say to their children is: I Love You! This is a tribute to moms for Mother’s Day!