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Burning Man 2013 Time-Lapse: Seen Miles Away From A Mountain Top

This video captures Burning Man 2013 from an elevation of 5495 feet above sea level and over 4 linear miles from the center of Black Rock City. Old Razorback, aka Trego Peak, provides a unique vista of this incredible annual event.

This is a view that most will never experience in person. Cameras captured the growth of the city and ending it the night of the burn.

Why do we sleep?

Russell Foster is a circadian neuroscientist: He studies the sleep cycles of the brain. And he asks: What do we know about sleep? Not a lot, it turns out, for something we do with one-third of our lives. In this talk, Foster shares three popular theories about why we sleep, busts some myths about how much sleep we need at different ages — and hints at some bold new uses of sleep as a predictor of mental health.

Power of Imagination: Brilliant LEGO Ads (15 pictures)

For many of us, LEGO provided the building blocks for our fervent childhood imaginations. I have fond memories from my own childhood of playing with LEGO and loving the freedom to build whatever I wanted. Many of you may even continue to use LEGO to this day! Below are a series of ads that beautifully communicate this sentiment of freedom and imagination. Enjoy!