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What does your handwriting say about you?

Throughout our lives we have all heard myths about how handwriting has a direct correlation to our personalities. However, the myths are not true but it is interesting to see how close some of the following findings are true. Just like artwork and text tell some truth about an artist or writer, handwriting will tell some truth about the person who put the pen to paper.

Windows XP Famous Wallpaper : This Place Exists!

Rolling green hills, peacefull blue sky with lovely clouds : that’s ‘Bliss’, the most famous Windows wallpaper of all times. Because of it’s intense colors and the fact it’s generically uploaded it just doesn’t look like it’s real. Well, actually it is (kind of).

Do Vitamins Really Improve Health?

Vitamin supplements are everywhere, touting that a normal food diet doesn’t provide the entire nutrition we need. Supplementing with vitamins will make us healthier and will prolong our lives. But is this actually true? And could we be doing more harm than good by swallowing all these extracts each day?

Venus and Zodiacal Light

The image above features brilliant Venus and the zodiacal light as viewed from the Kalkalpen National Park nearReichraming, Austria. On this cold and very clear autumn morning, nearby city lights are concealed under a layer offog (lower center). As a result, the sky was almost as dark as would be expected in remote Namibia. This area of Austria is one of the last locales in central Europe with relatively little light pollution.