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25 Of The Most Famous UFO Sightings On Record

Whether you’re a die hard aliens-are-real-and-they-want-to-kill-us-all conspiracy theorist or you think that the closest we’ll ever get to meeting extra terrestrials is shaking hands with Dennis Rodman, in the most objective sense possible these are 25 of the most famous UFO sightings on record.

Great Street Art: by Fra Biancoshock

This is a type of street art you might not notice at first. But when you look closer it’s subtle and suprising at the same time; changing surroundings and making viewers participate in a...

How to slow down time

Does time really fly when you’re having fun or is that just another senseless saying? Well, it turns out there’s actual science behind the idea! Laci shows us how our perception of time changes… and how to slow it down.

10 Everyday Food Items You Can Use To Clean Up Your House

Food is more typically the cause of your messy household problems, but there are some items out there that can actually help clean up after each other. You must be thinking how to clean a house with eatables? Here are few tips for cleaning house that can make your life easier.