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Tips and Tricks on How to Win In Slot Machines

The first fully electromechanical slot machine was developed by a company known as Bally Manufacturing in 1963. The machines work on the concept of a generator that randomizes all its numbers and outcomes. This...

Top 6 Casino Software Companies for 2018

When it comes to gambling online, most of us are more interested in the safety of the casino and the variety of available payment methods than the quality of the available games. In order...

The Top 10 Innovations that Changed the Face of Casino Gaming Forever

Like in any game, evolutions occur that change how we enjoy the casino experience. Some are more game-changing than others, varying the way we interact with others, engage in psychological warfare with our opponents, and even how accessible a game of poker is, say, on your commute to work. Some changes came naturally – inevitably even – with advances in technology and connectivity. Some alterations were simply very clever marketing plans that offer the best of both worlds, benefiting both the player and the casinos. Whatever the case was, these 10 changes have forever altered the way we look at and play casino games, whether in person, or as is now possible, on the go pretty much anywhere.