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The best UK reality TV shows of all time

Reality TV shows… some would consider them to be the worst thing you could possibly spend your time watching, while others live their lives watching every show that the likes of TLC put out and love every second of it. We thought we would have a quick look at what we think are some of the best reality shows to come out of the UK.

Weird, Ugly, Peculiar: 7 Mobile Phones That Will Make You Go “What!!”

What would we do without our mobile phones? Americans today check their mobile devices an average of 180 times per day. It’s the favorite technology among teenagers, too; twice as many kids aged 12-17 would rather give up their TV than their mobile device. Maybe it’s because today’s phones are slim, functional, and stylish. What if they weren’t? Check out these seven weird, ugly, and utterly peculiar mobile devices that took a wrong turn on the technology evolution tree.