Art and Print

An image previously engraved and inked on a board (made of wood, metal, stone, etc.) and transferred to paper by a press is a print. A print may be created in many copies, known as proofs or editions. Original prints are conceived and executed on a board by a single artist; interpretation prints are those many high-quality prints done by artists who base their work on other painters’ or drafting technicians.

It’s essential to notice that the artist’s handwritten signature only became included in the bottom margin of prints at the end of the 19th century. Since contemporary artists always opt to sign their works, you can expect one if you buy an original image. The handmade nature of the printing process ensures that no two proofs of the same print are ever precisely identical owing to variations in inking and pressure. In addition to the previous editions, there are other proofs attesting to the many stages of the creation of the board: as they were working, the artist would periodically print off some of the proofs before returning to the board to finish the piece.

These prints, also known as states, serve as a record of the piece’s development. Although there are numerous ways to make prints, they may be categorized based on the kind of material (such as wood, metal, stone, etc.) or the technique of production (such as chemical or manual), but the most common categorization is based on the method of drawing.


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