The rise of gamification technology in the online casino industry 

People are never too old to play games and these continue to act as excellent ways to relax after a long and boring day. The gaming industry is thriving and developers are constantly trying to come up with new, and original concepts. Given the popularity of story-driven titles, this genre has thrived in recent years and it continues to rank high in the preferences of game producers. Gamification is a term that describes the process of introducing gaming elements into various businesses to make them appealing.

How does gamification work?

To better understand the concept, one can start from some very simple examples. Loyalty programs are an excellent starting point as they are used by many industries, including airlines. Those who travel often will receive frequent flyer miles that build loyalty and provide them with a strong incentive to persevere. Recently, this process got fine-tuned, with points being awarded in a more immersive manner.

Other businesses have similar solutions and try to keep their customers around by keeping them interested. Role-playing video games are a source of inspiration for many businesses that use gamification to promote their brands. The incremental rewards offered to players keep them hungry for more and interested in the next release. Conversely, businesses can take advantage of the curiosity of their customers as well as the desire for freebies.

Online casinos master gamification

The true artists of gamification are the top rated casino sites who have perfectly incorporated elements into their businesses. Bonuses have been around for quite a while, but in recent years they were diversified and made more exciting. Free spins are abundant and awarded to new players, as well as active punters. These are not exactly free, since they come with certain strings attached such as wagering requirements.

If players were asked to abide by play-through demands voluntarily, they would simply refuse and seek gambling entertainment elsewhere. The prospect of receiving something free, in this case, bonus rounds changes everything. The casinos benefit from this smart use of gamification as they build brand awareness and keep active players around. It takes time to meet the wagering requirements and punters are reluctant to give up the profits made from free spins.

Software developers were also happy to incorporate these concepts into their products. Games are more immersive and even slots now have a story that captivates players. When they spin the reels hoping for big winnings, they are also enthralled by the prospect of learning more about the narrative. Mini-games are frequently accompanied by cut scenes and some games even have their own cinematics.

Depending on how creative the software developer is, it can also add side quests and additional levels. Players need to complete them to advance to the next level but don’t feel like getting sidetracked from the objective. This kind of distraction is desirable and makes the gaming experience far more enjoyable. At the end of the day, gamification works both ways and benefits all the parties involved.