How to Create an Inviting Guest Bedroom

Entertaining house guests isn’t limited just to the traditional winter holiday season. Having an inviting guest bedroom ready for friends and family can make it easy to say yes to last-minute visits with the confidence that your guests will enjoy their stay at your home and that you’ll enjoy your time with friends and family with the quiet joy of knowing your home was a brief haven for their stay.  

Consider these five easy ways to create an inviting guest bedroom in your home.

Get Rid of Clutter

If your extra bedroom or space that you use as a guest bedroom has become a storage space for unfinished projects or mismatched furniture pieces, take the time to declutter the room. While you may still find it necessary to store items in the guest closet, make a clear delineation between neatly stored items and available space for your guests to utilize. When it comes to furniture, less is more. Consider the needs of your guests and simplify furnishings to include a bed, nightstand, lighting, and a simple chair. Painting or refinishing furniture pieces can create a custom, matching look.

Create a Comfortable Sleep Space

As you streamline your guest room space, the most important aspect is the sleep space. If your space utilizes a futon, daybed, or pullout couch, perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a traditional bed frame with mattress. While this might seem financially challenging, there are a number of cost-friendly options on the market for mattresses, making it possible to create a sleep-friendly guest bedroom on a budget.

Once you have the bed situated, consider placing a device on the bed side table. This way your guest can do some reading to learn more about online craps or research what they’re going to do the next day. 

Get Cozy Bedding and Pillows

Once you have decluttered and streamlined the furnishings, dress up the bed with comfortable bedding and pillows that reflect your style and tastes and match the overall theme and colors of your guest room. Consider adding a cozy matching throw blanket or two for naps or simply to cuddle under in a comfortable chair. Plush towels and guest robes in matching tones offer your guests a spa-like experience.

Get Simple Storage Space

Whether your guests will be staying for a weekend or for a few weeks, make sure that they have simple storage space that allows them to unpack and put away their suitcases and travel bags. Clear out closet space and leave empty hangers for their clothing. Nightstands with drawers can substitute for heavier and larger dressers, freeing up floor space. Door hooks or a simple hook rack allows your guests to hang jackets and purses off the ground in to find location.

Get Creative with Color and Comforts

Choose neutral, soothing tones that match the overall theme of your home and allow you to create pops of color with the changing seasons, such as holiday-themed throw blankets, pillows, and towels. Adding pleasing touches such as seasonal floral bouquets of cut flowers from your garden is a nice touch. Consider leaving information about household WiFi resources as well as complimentary charging cords for their devices to make it easy for them to manage their mobile devices.

An inviting guest room in your home can be a peaceful haven for your family and friends when they visit, giving you confidence and giving them a home away from home.

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